Founder of Morango Conducts Training on Digital Storytelling at TechCamp held in Karachi

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-11 at 3.50.18 PMA two-day TechCamp was held in Karachi by U.S. Embassy at  Centre for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) Pakistan with the journalists to find technology solutions for effective community outreach. A wide range of speakers gave hands-on training to the participants on latest tech tools which can be utilized in the today’s sphere of journalism. Not only did it address the technological solutions for traditional journalism, but also covered the aspects of digital journalism and content dissemination.

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Morango’s Founder, Mr. Abrar Ul Hassan gave a session on ‘digital storytelling’ in which he talked about the importance of using digital platforms for storytelling and engaging the youth of the 21st century.


Abrar Ul Hassan stressed on the importance of storytelling by stating that digital storytelling can be an impactful way to stretch-out your message to audiences in a visually interactive manner. Today’s digital storytelling can be said to be as an extension of the old ways of storytelling, however, the difference lies in the way it was narrated – today, it’s more about using images or films.

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With the advent of the technology, everyone can publish blogs, make videos or state their opinions in the digital sphere, but only that content gets the attention of the audience which is relatable and engaging and for that, the art of visual storytelling must be incorporated in every digital endeavor.
During the session, Abrar Ul Hassan urged the youth to become vigilant while using the digital platforms. He said, “Another important aspect of digital content dissemination is the practice of prudence and vigilance because building credibility in the digital world is not run-of-the-mill; you have to build a reputation through the content that you disseminate.”


60 Second Intl. Film Festival’s Annual Islamabad Screening is just around the corner

60 Second Intl. Film Festival (60SIFF) with its 5th annual screening is coming to Islamabad on April 14-15, 2017. This time around the Islamabad screening will be held at Aiwan-e-Quaid in F9 Park – a place dearer to everyone in the city.

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Continuing the legacy of 5 years, 60 Second Intl. Film Festival screenings are held across Pakistan – engaging a large community of filmmakers, storytellers, artists and enthusiasts of all ages and fields. These filmmakers and storytellers have harnessed an art of conveying messages, highlighting issues of social importance and building impactful narratives through the visual medium of filmmaking.

Like every year, 60 Second Intl. Film Festival rolled out its theme-based call for film submissions. This time around, the theme revolved around ‘colours of your country’.  More than 700 films were received from Pakistan and beyond. Currently, team 60SIFF is prepping up for the event and a call for volunteers has been floating on social media.

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Being the most awaited film festival of the year, 60 Second Intl. Film Festival brings a blend of engaging activities, inspirational talks, panel discussions, workshops, film screenings and music festivities. Seems exciting? Keep on reading to delve into the event schedule and more.

So, here’s what we have got for you. The festival will be held on two days – the first day for kid’s film screening, informative sessions and 60 second films screenings while the second day will be dedicated to a panel discussion on the topic of Design and Film along with other talks, some cultural performances and fun competitions.

The award ceremony for the top winners of 60 Second Intl. Film Festival will be held on 14th March, following the screening of films based on the broad category of ‘colours of your country’.

Our event in Islamabad is open to all, so whoever wants to experience an inspirational yet captivating interplay of visually crafted masterpieces should definitely attend this event. Our passes are available at different locations. Moreover, our campus ambassadors can be reached out for event passes. And if you want an easier way of registration, just fill out this form mentioned below and there you go!

Registration form:

60SIFF – Campus Ambassadors’ Meetup


The much anticipated 60 second Intl. Film Festival campus ambassadors’ meet-up took place on Sunday, 20th December, and it was a triumph. The meeting begin at 5:30 PM after the arrival of the campus ambassadors at our venue, Fijji’s Grill, where all ambassadors were greeted by the 60SIFF team. The excitement of the young and ambitious campus ambassadors could be felt in the room. After all the campus ambassadors introduced their selves individually to the large group, the meeting was initiated. The ambassadors were given a brief introduction about what the 60 Second International Film Festival is about and what they can all look forward to. Throughout the meeting, the campus ambassadors were kept engaged in the discussion. Furthermore, they were encouraged to participate in the discussion regarding their roles in the upcoming festival. After the discussion, campus ambassadors were assigned different duties, such as, marketing the festival in their respective universities and colleges, recruiting volunteers for the festival, distributing festival passes, staying active on social media to promote the festival, etc.

To help the ambassadors gain more knowledge about the festival, some films from the last year’s festival were screened. The films’ screening stirred interest in the people and they cheered and applauded. Upon the conclusion of the meeting, dinner was served.

All in all, the meetup was great and the ambassadors left with more passion & enthusiasm than they originally had. We are absolutely overwhelmed by the eagerness shown by our campus ambassadors, so look forward to a tremendous festival this year.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Collaboration with International 100-second Film Festival

60 Second Intl. Film Festival is pleased to announce its collaboration with the International 100-second Film Festival. Just like 60 Second Intl. Film Festival, the International 100-second Film Festival encourages filmmakers to make an impact with their films in just a few seconds. Filmmakers are motivated to convey inspiring messages and are challenged to create films which resonate beyond their original length.

100-second Film Festival brings amazing storytellers together on one platform. Movies in the 100-second Festival are distributed with the help of media and cyberspaces, where they introduce young and talented artists to the art world. The first 100 Second Film Festival was held in 2002. Each year, 500 short films are selected to be screened in the festival from among 2000 films that are sent to the secretariat. Filmmakers from over 60 countries have participated in this festival so far.

This international festival has retained a significant influence in fostering brevity of films in many countries. The festival receives fresh perspectives and new voices every year and traces authentic ways of storytelling. This collaboration is a big step forward for us and we are very eager to learn, teach and inspire more people.

For more updates stay tuned!

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60 Second Intl. Film Festival

Launch EventThe Launch Event

60 Second Intl. Film Festival is an initiative conceived by Morangofilms, in partnership with duck, keeping the aim of helping youth create content based on issues of social significance. The festival aims to become an annual feature, reaching a global audience and in the process, work on capacity building by introducing topics/categories that would eventually lead to better governance.

The team of 60 Second Intl. Film Festival had undertaken the task to build the capacity of youth and general public by creating a learning platform in the form of the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival. This initiative was truly for individuals and groups to bring up their work that explained the pressing issues faced in Pakistan today. The emphasis in this festival would remain on quality ‘content’ and it will not restrict itself to professional film-makers only. Through collaborations, the festival aims to create a socially aware and active talent pool. Categories are centered on a range of social issues, including Peace, Interfaith, counter terrorism and extremism, Tolerance, Gender disparity, Health (with a focus on HIV/AIDS), Environment, Water, Innovation, Education, Energy and Pressing issues such as poverty and hunger.

Catg0ries for 2013
Catg0ries for 2013

First festival concluded in February 2013, but the screenings continued. Our recent venture included a screening in Nepal and Sri Lanka, and the third screening is soon to be scheduled for USA. Thus, in view of the receptive tendencies and awareness in Global youth, we have decided to expand the initiative to benefit an expansive group by formulating effective global partnerships.

At the Launch event of 60SIFF
At the Launch event of 60SIFF


After receiving such an outstanding positive feedback internationally of 60SIFF, has decided to conduct workshops based on documentaries, screenings, and have various brands also collaborate to have campaigns using 60-second Film Festival’s support. 60SIFF has now expanded its horizons, it was first aiming at covering particularly all South Asian countries; However now it will be organizing events around the globe, beginning with USA, UK, Australia, Turkey, Maldives, etc. and many other countries.


The Festival will call for entries all over from 1st September 2013, and the Deadline for submission will be 15thth November 2013, after submission voting will take place for 15 days, and then popular video will be shared with Jury and result will be announced on 15th of December 2013. The final screening and award distribution will be held around last week of December, series of multiple screening will begin from January 2014 onwards.


So where ever you are, whoever you are, if you have a story to Yell so 60 Second Intl. Film Festival is the platform, where we all work together to bring Peace and prosperity around the globe.

The Entire World Watches

The Entire World Watches


The elections are a time of great scrutiny for any country. These days Pakistan is under a microscope on various levels. The Election Commission of Pakistan scrutinizes the political parties and their candidates, The political parties in turn, incessantly scrutinize the opposing candidates, the public scrutinizes the candidates and their manifestos, the media scrutinizes every aspect of the elections in order to finds a good story and the whole world carefully scrutinizes the transparency and legitimacy of the entire electoral process of the country where the elections are being held.

Pakistan has always been under the watchful eye of the world for numerous reasons; her resources, being the first Muslim state with a nuclear weapon, the political tug-of-war, democracy & dictatorship, terrorism and extremism to name just a few. This incessant global attention stems from the strategic role that Pakistan has played in the history and will continue to do so. In a country that already gets enough attention as it is, the acts of electoral violence will bring out worse yet into the spotlight. This harsh reality of our political situation can really put a question mark on the credibility of the elections and the elected government. These elections are suppose to be about giving every man the right to choose his leader in peace.

If one were to look into the reasons behind the electoral violence only two answers come to light; one: some contestants are willing to do anything to win, by hook or by crook. more often than not, in Pakistan it ends up being crook or in this case violence. and the second: there are forces working against this country who don’t want a change in the status quo of Pakistan.   

Then we look at the two types of electoral violence. One form is when militant and extremist groups use violence to deter the public from showing up to vote at all. The other form is when workers and supporters of one political party use violence against workers and supporters of other parties. Of the two, the latter is the worse from because in this case the victims are the innocent people with hope in their eyes. The criminals here are these people who plan to come into power through rigging these elections. If they cannot respect the essence of democracy when they truly need the votes, they will surely disregard the very idea of democracy when elected and sitting in parliament. While little can be done about the militants and extremists before the elections, the supporters of the political parties could certainly refrain from their unethical attempts to strip people of their right to vote.  

Nothing positive can ever be achieved through violence. Lives are lost, families ruined, the infrastructure greatly damage, the financial losses incurred, the youth scarred and hope lost but this isn’t even the worst part. The worst thing of all is that no one raises their voice against it, just sit by and watch it happen, hoping that it would end on its own or someone else would do something about it. Their silence makes them a part of the wrong, their inaction accentuates it further.

As Pakistanis, our actions have great repercussions on how the world views us. The world will always keep a sharp eye on Pakistan, hence, it is important to put our best foot forward in face of the external entities and minimize the opportunity for them to believe of us as terrorists.

Vote Not For Sale


Voting, as a part of the democratic process, requires individuals to fulfill a right that is given to them to elect leaders who best represent them. This participatory form of government allows citizens to determine the future of their country. The power of the vote means that whatever course individuals finds best for a country is selected and this in turn determines the future of that nation. This very fact means that the vote that individuals carry is very important and that it should be treated with an equal regard but as long as the democratic process has existed, as long as one man’s voice has been given such importance, selfish interests have always assailed this right, undermining its honest and ideal consequences.

Such acts intend to diminish the value of voting, robbing people of their rights and corrupting a process that is meant to grant equality to all. In particular vote rigging and selling one’s vote especially undermine the democratic process and this very act has regrettably become quite widespread.

As a form of election fraud, vote selling and vote buying has been noted to occur one way or another in elections around the world. Numerous scholarly, journalistic and governmental reports have been written on the subject, highlighting the continuing scourge of vote selling and buying. In essence the act involves those who are running office offering money, favors or appointments in return for votes, regardless of the fact that whether the seller actually supports the candidate or not. Vast amount of money is often spent on gaining these illegal votes which not only undermines democracy but also negates the votes of those who vote honestly.

This phenomenon has been seen to happen in almost every country, with only the level of sophistication being different. In Pakistan, with the 2013 elections looming weeks away, electoral fraud is a spectre that may dog these upcoming elections but it is for the individual voters themselves to understand the importance of their own vote and realize that their votes do not have a price.

Media reports and word of mouth have often recounted stories of politicians and candidates paying off scores of voters in their constituencies, in effect bribing them to vote in their favour. of course what is often most alarming is that these votes are often bought quite cheaply, with people willing to sell their responsibility and duty for a motorcycle, or in other examples, a couple of thousands of rupees.

Of course it is difficult to stop or prevent such a practice because such deals are often made under the table but it is very importance for individuals to know that this right to vote that they possess is not something that comes with a price tag; it is far too important a matter to reduce to a simple monetary transaction. Each vote has profound implications on the country and regard it with such disdain, means that the country and its future matter very little to them but this ‘personal’ attitude has effects on us all.