60SIFF 2016-17 Soft Launch & Campus Ambassadorship Program

It is with great excitement that we announce that 60SIFF 2016-17 is back with the same goal but a higher level of energy and enthusiasm. The 60 Second Intl. Film Festival promotes storytelling through the use of powerful visuals. Our team seeks to discover and inspire the creative filmmakers from Pakistan and all across the world.
To boost our energy force, we have decided to launch the Campus Ambassadorship program not only in Pakistan but all across the globe. Become a part of 60SIFF Campus Ambassadorship Program to unleash your leadership and management skills.
Ever since its initiation, 60 Second Intl. Film Festival has pledged to empower the youth by giving them an opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas. With this same motive of youth empowerment, 60SIFF has initiated its International Campus Ambassadorship Program that aims to expand its reach by covering institutes all over the world.
As part of an institute, don’t just focus on theoretical knowledge, rather be a part of our 60SIFF family and put your knowledge into practice. This program could prove to be a kickstart to your career, where you can apply your skills, grow your networks, explore and learn.
If you think you are passionate enough to work out of your comfort zone and you are enrolled in an institute from any part of the world, apply now for our International Ambassadorship Program.
More exciting news is coming, stay tuned!

60 Second Intl. Film Festival – Karachi Chapter

People from all walks of life gathered at PACC on the 26th of March to experience the magic of filmmaking. 60SIFF – Karachi Chapter featured a diverse range of programs for all age groups. The festival consisted of two sessions i.e. morning and afternoon.

The morning session started off with Filmmaking & Photography Workshop for kids that aimed to hone the creativity of storytellers of tomorrow. Followed by that was a screening of films made by kids for the kids to give them an insight into the technique of conveying an impactful message through a film.

The afternoon session entailed a panel discussion on “Film for Social Change” where the panelists and the attendees exchanged views on how filmmaking can be used to spread awareness about issues that need to be addressed urgently. The evening was concluded by the screening of top films of the year 2015-16. Each and every films was appreciated by the audience and the response was great.

It was a great pleasure conducting a festival in the biggest city of Pakistan and we hope to bring back the festival next year.

60 Second Intl. Film Festival – Lahore Chapter

After Peshawar, we found our way towards Lahore. 60SIFF – Lahore Chapter was held on the 24th March at University of Lahore. The festival entailed workshops, interactive & informative discussions and screening of films for both kids and adults.

The morning session that was for kids comprised of a Filmmaking & Photography Workshop followed by the Screening of Films for Kids by the Kids. 60SIFF aimed to equip the youth with the skill of using films to highlight prevalent issues of the society through these activities.

Later that day, a panel sat down and conferred about “Film for Social Change” and exchanged opinions on whether the art of filmmaking is powerful enough to drive social change. After that was an informative session on “Digital Security” conducted by Bolo Bhi that tended to equip the audience with the tools one can use in order to secure their digital identity.

In order to keep the glorious tradition of filmmaking alive, we screened our best 60 second films to conclude the festival. The response and the enthusiasm of Lahore, the city of liveliness, was great. Lahore proved that film is not dead and will never be.

60 Second Intl. Film Festival – Faisalabad Chapter

60SIFF Team landed in Faisalabad on the 12th of March, 2016. The festival was held at Minerva Cinema Complex. We started off with Filmmaking & Photography Workshop for Kids that aimed to bring out the filmmaker in each and every one of them. The kids were taught the basics of this form of art during the session i.e. from holding the camera properly to creating a perfect composition. “Using the camera is much easier now, I am glad 60SIFF came to Faisalabad,” said a student after attending the workshop.

We then handed out cameras and other equipment to the kids for them to practice the techniques they were taught during the workshop. The workshop was followed by Screening for Kids by Kids where the attendees were shown some of the amazing films shot by kids of different areas of Pakistan.

The evening session started with a Panel Discussion on “Film for Social Change”. The panelists along with the attendees discussed about how visual storytelling is one of the most effective mediums to create awareness in a society. The session ended with most of the guests agreeing that filmmaking is, in fact, the most interactive form of art and has the power of conveying a message of a thousand words in a few seconds.

Main screening was the last activity of 60SIFF – Faisalabad Chapter. The house was full yet there was pin drop silence indicating that the audience was fully absorbed in the films. The response we received was amazing and we are glad we stopped by Faisalabad during our journey. We would like to thank all our volunteers and of course Minerva Cinema Complex for helping us execute 60SIFF in the city of textiles!


60 Second Intl. Film Festival – Hyderabad Chapter


60 Second Intl. Film Festival that initiated its journey from Islamabad, reached Jamshoro, Hyderabad on 26th February and conducted a festival at CEAD MUET. The festival began with Filmmaking & Photography Workshops for kids that featured the introduction of different camera techniques, controls, and a little about the composition. The kids were handed out equipment required for better understanding of the concepts that were being taught to them. The attendees were then taken for Screening for Kids by Kids where the top films that children from across Pakistan made were screened.

After the jummah break, was the time for Panel Discussion on “Film for Social Change” where the panelists talked about the importance of visual storytelling in reforming a society and using it as a tool to draw attention towards the current societal issues of the country.

Later that evening, Bolo Bhi conducted an Open House on “Digital Security”. The session kicked off with an introduction of what Digital Security means and why it is important. The attendees were taught about the tools one can employ to keep themselves protected online. The seminar also drew attention towards the vulnerabilities when using social media and how to rule them out.

Then the attendees were taken to a separate campus for the Grand Screening where the top 60 second films of young filmmakers from all over the world were screened. Each and every film received immense amount of applaud from the audience. All in all, the festival was a massive success and we enjoyed our stay there. Thank you for the tremendous response.


60 Second Intl. Film Festival Comes to Swat

60 Second Intl. Film Festival – Swat Chapter was held today at the Pameer Hotel. The festival kicked off sharp at 10 a.m. with Photography and Filmmaking Workshops for children. We were thrilled to see the kids’ level of enthusiasm. They were ecstatic when they were handed out tablets and cameras for the practical exercise of the workshops. The students and some of the teachers too asked a lot of questions during the session that showed their genuine interest in this form of art.

To keep them engaged, there was a brief Q&A session where we handed out 60SIFF goodie bags along with lunch. Then, as per schedule, films from #MyCityMYStory campaign were played for the children followed by the screening of Burka Avenger.

The afternoon session consisted of Panel Discussion on Film for Social Change where panel members talked about the influence of media on a society and how a simple film holds the power of manipulating minds and shaping societies as a whole. After that followed the screening of the 35 sixty second films of the years 2015-2016. Swat’s natives’ response was so tremendous that almost every film received immense amount of applaud.

We absolutely loved Swat’s feedback and their hospitality and we hope to return next year.

Watch the slideshow below for a few glimpses of the event.

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60 Second Intl. Film Festival in Islamabad

The fourth round of 60 Second Intl. Film Festival started off with Filmmaking and Photography workshops for the kids that focused primarily on the basics for the children to understand. After the workshops, the children were able to view life through lens and capture it forever in a picture or a film.

To maintain the kids’ level of interest, there were also several stalls arranged including Burka Avenger and Minute to Win It. After that the children were served lunch from Cafe60 and were taken to the main screening hall for Screening for Kids by Kids where the top films that Team 60SIFF collected when travelling to different cities as part of the #MyCityMyStory campaign were aired.

The afternoon session for adults began at 4 p.m. with a Panel Discussion on “Film for Social Change”.  The panel members included former PTV Host, Tauseeq Haider, Tabinda Hassan, Tahir Imran, Khawar Azhar while the Director of 60SIFF, Abrar Ul Hassan acted as a moderator during the session. The panel members talked about the importance of media in shaping the society and how a simple film can make an influence on the whole nation. Tauseeq Haider concluded the session by mentioning that he sees hope in the future of Pakistan and Pakistani film industry.

Following the hour-long interactive discussion, was an open house on “Digital Security” conducted by Bolo Bhi. During the seminar, Farieha Aziz helped the audience understand the dangers and vulnerabilities when using the internet and took questions from them to help them secure their digital identity especially on social media to maximum capacity. “There are always going to be vulnerabilities no matter how secure you think you are because security can never be fool proof. What you need to know is how to navigate your way around social media without revealing too much,” said Farieha during the session.

The main screening began in the Grand Screening Hall at 6 p.m. where the best sixty-second films were displayed. This year, 60SIFF received over 500 hundred films from almost 40 countries that were filtered down to 35 for screening. Preceded by that, was the screening of ten 100 second films due to our collaboration with the 100 Second Film Festival.

The festival was concluded by a speech from the chief guest and the Director of 60SIFF, Abrar Ul Hassan. All in all, the event was a huge success and the response was tremendous. We thank all the attendees and volunteers for joining us and we hope to bring back the festival next year.


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