Annual Report 2012


60 second film festival is an initiative by Morango films to highlight some social issue in Pakistan. This initiative is truly for individuals and groups to bring up their work which explains the condition of our country. The best 60 second film must include a theme and message to be conveyed to us. The video can be on any topic representing the incidents inside the country.


Morango Films have created a platform by the name of 60-second Film Festival. The festival is calling for entries in the month of August for content on social issues and development, entertainment, national and international issues, public service messages to name a few.

Countries, cities and communities committing to a cause or their beliefs struggle to find opportunities or creative platforms where they not only showcase their efforts but also to interact with knowledge leaders.

60 Seconds Film Festival is one such platform. The Festival will engage upcoming artists/producers from all around from Pakistan to exhibit their work on various socially driven issues. The platform will provide a knowledge field for the Pakistani Youth to display their work by capturing the challenges of the society, and address the issue such as Peace & Religious Harmony and Tolerance.

The focus shall at all level address critical social issues; that covers education, civic sense, health, art, water, gender, extremism, entertainment and current affairs. Developing local talent from the creative class through collaborative approaches will ensure a well-nourished pool of skilled resources.


The objective of this festival is to;

  • Increase the confidence level of young talent
  • Improve understanding of deep-rooted issues
  • Create awareness to Bring Peace and Harmony
  • Bring Tolerance in society
  • Create positive learning experiences
  • Creative integration of social issues
  • Advocate social change


A 60 second film on any theme, subject and feeling is open to participate, in order to help the participants we have divided the entries for the given categories, if there videos do not falls under a one of these categories still they can send us videos for consideration.

We are accepting films, films and more films. Send in what you have. Send in what you want. Art, Noir, Musicals, really just anything you want.

On a socially responsible front, we encourage you to make films on of the following categories as we’ll be looking out for them with an extra-eye, but we won’t hold it against you if you don’t.

  • Peace
  • Gender Disparities
  • Conflict
  • Health
  • Tolerance
  • Innovation
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Democracy
  • Poverty & Hunger
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Creative
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Partnerships

Festival launch

60 second film festival has been launched on the 1st of august 2012.

 Web campaign

  • For rules and regulations about submission of the videos all the details are available here.
  • Videos can be uploaded on the website.
  • Videos already uploaded by different people can be watched here.


Facebook campaign

Starting from just 6 likes we now have 855 likes on face book.
Face book population is still growing. FAQ’s and different questions of people are answered and solved.


Twitter campaign


 YouTube channel

youtube1 youtube 4 youtube 3 youtube 2

 YouTube file name: 60secondfilmfestival.

At the promo launch there were 107 shares on our page. 73 hit like, 5134 watched the promo and 4348 watched the promo in viral.
On 7th of august Rules of war were shared, Within 12 hrs of its release, the number of hits was 1500.

2,097——- Overall video views. 

Our Blog


Rules of war
the number of hits on the blog per day is 50-60.
57 people shared the rules, 9 people liked it and 475 viewed it in just 12 hrs.


Our partners for the festival are

  • Salam Pakistan
  • Duck              
  • Agahi              
  • Mishal Pakistan

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