Annual Report 2013

About the Festival



This end-term report covers the tasks 60 Second International Film Festival (60SIFF) has taken during the festival to maximize domestic and international engagement, build the capacity of the youth and the general public by creating a learning platform, and set the stage for the festival in terms of organization, planning and execution. This initiative is truly for individuals and groups who wish to bring up their work that refers to pressing issues faced today. The 60-second films should ideally include a theme and a message that is to be conveyed to the audience. The film entries have been categorized to focus on specified issues but submissions on any topic or issue are also accepted. The best 60-second films are uploaded on the website, showcased in the major cities of Pakistan and other countries and broadcasted on various popular satellite channels.

This year alone we have received multitudes of submissions from countries all over the world exclusively from Algeria, Nepal and Yemen; exhibiting the exemplary reach of our festival

At the moment, the films are being selected, uploaded and finalized for the jury by the end of January. The top 10 films that are selected will be sent to the jury for the final selection of the winners. The films will also be uploaded on the website ( for online voting.


The festival called for entries in the month of August for content on social issues and development, entertainment, national and international issues.

Countries, cities and communities committing to a cause or their beliefs, struggle to find opportunities or creative platforms where they not only showcase their efforts but also interact with knowledge leaders.

60 Seconds Film Festival is one such platform. The Festival engages upcoming artists/producers from all around the world to exhibit their work on various socially driven issues. The platform aims to provide a knowledge field for the Youth to display their work by capturing the challenges of the society, and address issues such as peace & religious harmony and tolerance.

The focus shall at all level address critical social issues; that covers education, civic sense, health, art, water, gender, extremism, entertainment and current affairs. Developing local as well as international talent from the creative class through collaborative approaches will ensure a well-nourished pool of skilled resources for all in the future.

The festival calls for short films in various categories including peace, gender disparities, conflict, health, tolerance, innovation, counter extremism, democracy, poverty and hunger, environment, education, creative, energy, water and building partnerships from around the world. The festival accepts films from around the country and Pakistani Diaspora along with entries from all around the world.

Aims and Objectives of Festival

In brief, the objectives of this festival are to:

  • Initiate capacity building amongst the Pakistani youth and youth worldwide
  • Increase the confidence level of young talent
  • Improve understanding of deep-rooted issues
  • Create awareness to bring peace and harmony
  • Increase understanding and tolerance amongst the society
  • Create positive learning experiences
  • Creative integration of social issues
  • Advocate social change
  • Provide a platform to propagate exchange of ideas and knowledge


The festival accepts 60-second films on any theme and subject. However, in order to help the participants focus on pressing issues faced by the country the festival is highlighting and categorizing entry submissions. However, the festival does not reject films from outside the defined categories.

The submission categories are (alphabetically):dc 1

  1. Colors of your Country
  2. Comedy
  3. Conflict
  4. Creative
  5. Democracy
  6. Environment
  7. Fiction
  8. Innovation
  9. Interfaith
  10. Peace
  11. Tolerance
  12. Water


This year’s jury consisted of a number of noted film professionals who have gained critical acclaim in their respective fields and countries. The blend of jurors at 60 Second International Film Festival focus on increasing the diversity of thought, skill, values and technique; and provide films the best critique possible.

The list of jurors is as follows:

  1. Abdenour Zahzah
  2. Jamal Shah
  3. Jörg Gruber
  4. S. Ashraf Meer
  5. Amena Khan
  6. Laiq Qureshi
  7. Abdenour Hochiche
  8. Sohial Javed
  9. Mehreen Jabbar

Festival Activities To-Date

Festival Launch

The festival was launched on the 1st of September 2013. The call for submission initiated on the 15th of September 2013. The date of end of submissions was December 31st 2013. Voting ended on 15th February and results were announced on 25th February with screenings in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Algeria and Washington DC.

Curtain Raiser in Collaboration with American Film Showcase (AFS)

60siff hosted a pre-festival curtain raiser on 8th March in Islamabad and on 12th March in Karachi featuring a few films of 60siff and the documentary ‘Side by Side’ in collaboration with the AFS. The event was also attended by critically acclaimed documentary makers Ted Braun and Marylin Agrelo.

Festival Web Site Launch

The website was launched in the first week of August 2012 and is quickly gaining popularity amongst the youth.

The website is the main interface for the festival where users can:

  1. Read the rules and guidelines for submission
  2. Upload their entries along with their information
  3. View all the entries accepted by the festival
  4. Contact the festival team for queries.

Facebook Campaign Launch

The Facebook page is doing great with over 55,000 likes and activities ranging from posting/messaging/liking from participants as well as many others. It was launched simultaneously with the website with a fan base of two thousand Likes within the first two weeks.

Of Pakistan’s total 18 million Internet users, the numbers and growth rates look promising.

Twitter Campaign Launch

The official Twitter page is keeping its audience busy with the latest updates, news, links to promos and relevant articles and discussions on film-making, social awareness and key issues faced by Pakistanis which can be related to by people from other countries as well.

Festival Blog Campaign Launch

A blog to support the campaign has been functioning in parallel with the other campaigns. The response on the blog has been extremely positive with an initial viewership response from nine countries. The blog serves as method of communication for all updates on the festival but primarily as a discussion forum for all related aspects of the festival.


In addition to following up on the social media campaign strategy that was administered last year, this year’s strategy includes Vimeo campaigning. The focus of Vimeo is to produce a video outlet for the purpose of communication for 60SIFF followers.


The development of logo started with the idea of transforming the icon of the previous festival into a South Asian tone and from there the petals emerged as lotus petals are commonly seen in South Asia and often associated with peace. The colours of petals were also kept soft for the very purpose. Another icon borrowed from the last festival was that of “GOTTA STORY TO YELL” which was transformed into lighter font and kept above the petals as to associate with the logo and give out the message of peace.

As the festival developed numerous countries came on board and the target audience shifted form South Asian to global audience. The petals were then spread all over and the festival was given a more corporate feel.


The 60 Second International Film Festival merchandise includes:

  • Mugs
  • Pencils
  • T-shirts
  • Notepads
  • Badges
  • Posters
  • Diaries
  • Paper Bags


Workshops conducted on behalf of 60siff

A number of workshops were conducted by our team to create awareness about the 60 Second Film Festival project. We approached a number of universities and through them penetrated to the youth. We explained to them the purpose of the festival and directed their ideas to the requirement of 60SIFF: to create socially active films that portray or induce the change the youth wants to see in their surroundings. The end of the session included a question and answer session.

The universities included:

  1. National College of Arts                                              Rawalpindi
  2. RIPHAH University                                                     Rawalpindi
  3. Szabist                                                                        Islamabad
  4. Fatima Jinnah University                                            Islamabad
  5. Kuch Khaas                                                                Islamabad
  6. Hunerkada                                                                  Islamabad
  7. National College of Arts                                              Lahore
  8. Beaconhouse National University                              Lahore
  9. Lahore University of Management Sciences             Lahore
  10. Mehran University Jamshoro                                     Hyderabad
  11. Baluchistan University                                                Quetta
  12. Iqra University                                                             Karachi
  13. Szabist University                                                       Karachi
  14. Indus Valley School of Arts                                        Karachi

workshop 1workshop 2workshop 3

Press Release

The following are some links to media coverage that has been given to the festival:

Materials Produced

The festival has received over four hundred original entries to date. All entries were submitted by users electronically via the upload form on the website and through email.

So far, entries have been received in all categories except for innovation.

  • Colors of your Country
  • Comedy
  • Conflict
  • Creative
  • Democracy
  • Environment
  • Fiction
  • Interfaith
  • Peace
  • Tolerance
  • Water
  • Innovation


This year 60SIFF received an estimated 400 film submissions with international participation from over 17 countries in various continents. From Pakistan alone we received 200 film submissions. The second most active participating countries were those from South East Asia and Africa including Algeria (around 75 films), Yemen, Nepal, Iran, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. However, there were many submissions, albeit comparatively fewer, from countries all over the world including Iceland, Hungary, Germany, UK, USA, Spain, Switzerland, Hong Kong, France and India.

 Some of our Partners

  • USIP
  • WWF
  • Open Space Nepal
  • Aisec Blida
  • Dhi Youth Movement
  • The Thumb Print
  • Vijana Na Mageuzi Initiative
  • Bolo Bhi
  • Pasha
  • Agahi
  • OrangeTV
  • Mishal
  • Adcore Productions
  • PalTranslate
  • Kuch Khaas

Plans for PHASE III

60 Seconds International Film Festival is rapidly gaining momentum and therefore we hope to expand its reach next year. By including regional languages of South East countries next year we will not only indulge marginalized communities from Pakistan but all communities from South and South East Asia. In this way, we hope to include as many people as possible in our project for social change and establish 60SIFF as a common ground platform for the exchange of socially benefiting ideas.

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