Founder of Morango Conducts Training on Digital Storytelling at TechCamp held in Karachi

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-11 at 3.50.18 PMA two-day TechCamp was held in Karachi by U.S. Embassy at  Centre for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) Pakistan with the journalists to find technology solutions for effective community outreach. A wide range of speakers gave hands-on training to the participants on latest tech tools which can be utilized in the today’s sphere of journalism. Not only did it address the technological solutions for traditional journalism, but also covered the aspects of digital journalism and content dissemination.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-11 at 3.50.23 PM


Morango’s Founder, Mr. Abrar Ul Hassan gave a session on ‘digital storytelling’ in which he talked about the importance of using digital platforms for storytelling and engaging the youth of the 21st century.


Abrar Ul Hassan stressed on the importance of storytelling by stating that digital storytelling can be an impactful way to stretch-out your message to audiences in a visually interactive manner. Today’s digital storytelling can be said to be as an extension of the old ways of storytelling, however, the difference lies in the way it was narrated – today, it’s more about using images or films.

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With the advent of the technology, everyone can publish blogs, make videos or state their opinions in the digital sphere, but only that content gets the attention of the audience which is relatable and engaging and for that, the art of visual storytelling must be incorporated in every digital endeavor.
During the session, Abrar Ul Hassan urged the youth to become vigilant while using the digital platforms. He said, “Another important aspect of digital content dissemination is the practice of prudence and vigilance because building credibility in the digital world is not run-of-the-mill; you have to build a reputation through the content that you disseminate.”

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