Colours of your Country

60SIFF strongly believes in sharing stories through visual mediums and for the 5th year (2016-17) the aim is to encourage participants to celebrate the theme of “Colours of your Country” to reinforce values of patriotism, citizenship, and civic responsibility. Here are some of the areas of focus under this theme.

Local Heroes

This category has been created to highlight the unsung heroes around us whose sacrifices, hard work and passion for the community go unnoticed. These may include the local fruit vendor, cobbler, local police officer or anyone else who you seem should be appreciated for their dedication to the society.


Capture your culture in a 60-second film and show the world a glimpse of your surroundings. Let’s revive the folk tales and stories, festivals, foods, music and local traditions.

Local Landmarks

Each city, town, and province has its own special attraction, which the locals sometimes take for granted. This category aims to appreciate the architecture and local sites of attraction that normally are only visited and appreciated by tourists.


Film has the power to connect hearts and depict stories that may build bridges between people of different castes, religions, beliefs and creeds. This particular category encourages films that promote diversity and peace within communities.


Through the category of Education, 60SIFF aims to document success stories of those who have been able to make a name for themselves in the world of academia, this could be a teacher or an institution in your vicinity that has nurtured knowledge.

This is your chance to be heard on an international platform and compete with talented filmmakers from all around the world. The best films will not only be screened at the festival in the capital, but all over the world!

And guess what, submissions are open till 31st January 2017!

Submit your films at



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