An Overview of 60SIFF’s Achievements

The aim of the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival is to build the capacity of youth and general public by creating a learning platform. With time, 60SIFF’s reach has expanded and the quality and quantity of received films has vastly progressed.


The Qatal-o- Ghairat (Aurat se Nafrat Kyun) campaign came into force in collaboration with BBC Urdu. This was a short-term film competition which required participants to submit 60-second films based on the social horror of honor killing.

After a successful competition and submissions of riveting films, the best 15 films were sifted and featured on the official BBC Urdu website and will also be uploaded on the official youtube channel.


In order to make the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival even more accessible, the 60SIFF app was developed.

Besides watching previous film submissions, the 60SIFF app also makes the submission process a lot easier. As all you need to do now is download the app, log in from facebook or twitter and submit the film.


This aim behind this initiative is to build public and policy support for the Pakistani Police. This will be done by engaging police personnel from several training centres in a series of interactive filmmaking workshops. 10-12 filmmakers from major cities of Pakistan will also be engaged to make films on police-oriented themes.

The best films will be screened at a festival in January next year, thereby bringing great recognition to your team and respected institution. Moreover, the winning entry(s) will receive cash prizes.


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