Twitter Chat – #AuratSeNafratKyun

60 Second Intl. Film Festival has partnered with BBC Urdu to bring to you a film competition focused on highlighting honor killing and how it may be tackled through 60-second films. Both ventures have been staunch supporters of women rights and have taken on numerous initiatives to create awareness and address such issues.

This competition is open to all and provides aspiring filmmakers a platform to display their talents while promoting a meaningful message. It provides a chance to gain recognition by the British Broadcasting Corporation Network. The issues concerned include honor killing, gender-based violence and all forms of discriminations against women in Pakistan. These social ills prevalent in the society have become stigmas mostly avoided when it comes to a productive discussion. They are spoken about on various forums, debated on and questioned in closed rooms, seminars, and meetings. However, rarely do these discussions result in an outcome which reaches those seriously affected by these circumstances or productive solutions.

An element of this campaign was to initiate a debate on a public forum regarding these issues that would involve people from all phases of life and backgrounds, whether affected by the atrocities or not. This was a twitter chat around the hashtag #AuratSeNafratKyun, with the objective to initiate a conversation on the rights of women in a cultural context. This discussion was intended to not only state these issues but also finding a solution. Moreover, the chat intended to address how the tool of filmmaking and media can address these issues and assist in creating awareness.

The Twitter chat took place on Wednesday, 2nd November 2016, 6pm – 7pm PST. A panel of six experts was invited to participate in this chat. Their backgrounds varied from journalists to legal experts, talk show hosts and even comedians. The experts engaged included

  • Mehr Tarar; Columnist, Executive Editor at Daily Times
  • Aisha Sarwar; Columnist for @etribune and Blogger for @dawn
  • Bina Shah; Writer & New York Times Columnist
  • Shehzad Ghias; Lawyer, Stand-Up Comedian, Theatre Director, Person
  • Saba Eitizaz; Award-winning BBC Journalist
  • Fasi Zaka; Television Host, Satirist, Political Columnist, Radio Talk Show Host, Music Critic, Academic.

The chat engaged over 700 individuals and reached out to 19 million people, who became a part of the collective conversation and helped the hashtag #AuratSeNafratKyun trend. The Twitter chat was a roaring success as it involved numerous influencers and brought in a substantial input. These views were expressed on a public forum which was visible and accessible to all and had the ability to transform negative mindsets through an invigorating debate. Such was the case when various Twitter users reacted with dismissive comments, our team of experts was able to cater to such views by shedding light on the reasons why such debate is necessary.

The overall impact of the chat was outstanding and achieved its purpose of creating a national debate and inviting creative minds to develop awareness through the interactive and entertaining means of media and film.

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