60 Second Intl. Film Festival – Lahore Chapter

After Peshawar, we found our way towards Lahore. 60SIFF – Lahore Chapter was held on the 24th March at University of Lahore. The festival entailed workshops, interactive & informative discussions and screening of films for both kids and adults.

The morning session that was for kids comprised of a Filmmaking & Photography Workshop followed by the Screening of Films for Kids by the Kids. 60SIFF aimed to equip the youth with the skill of using films to highlight prevalent issues of the society through these activities.

Later that day, a panel sat down and conferred about “Film for Social Change” and exchanged opinions on whether the art of filmmaking is powerful enough to drive social change. After that was an informative session on “Digital Security” conducted by Bolo Bhi that tended to equip the audience with the tools one can use in order to secure their digital identity.

In order to keep the glorious tradition of filmmaking alive, we screened our best 60 second films to conclude the festival. The response and the enthusiasm of Lahore, the city of liveliness, was great. Lahore proved that film is not dead and will never be.

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