60 Second Intl. Film Festival – Faisalabad Chapter

60SIFF Team landed in Faisalabad on the 12th of March, 2016. The festival was held at Minerva Cinema Complex. We started off with Filmmaking & Photography Workshop for Kids that aimed to bring out the filmmaker in each and every one of them. The kids were taught the basics of this form of art during the session i.e. from holding the camera properly to creating a perfect composition. “Using the camera is much easier now, I am glad 60SIFF came to Faisalabad,” said a student after attending the workshop.

We then handed out cameras and other equipment to the kids for them to practice the techniques they were taught during the workshop. The workshop was followed by Screening for Kids by Kids where the attendees were shown some of the amazing films shot by kids of different areas of Pakistan.

The evening session started with a Panel Discussion on “Film for Social Change”. The panelists along with the attendees discussed about how visual storytelling is one of the most effective mediums to create awareness in a society. The session ended with most of the guests agreeing that filmmaking is, in fact, the most interactive form of art and has the power of conveying a message of a thousand words in a few seconds.

Main screening was the last activity of 60SIFF – Faisalabad Chapter. The house was full yet there was pin drop silence indicating that the audience was fully absorbed in the films. The response we received was amazing and we are glad we stopped by Faisalabad during our journey. We would like to thank all our volunteers and of course Minerva Cinema Complex for helping us execute 60SIFF in the city of textiles!


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