60 Second Intl. Film Festival – Hyderabad Chapter


60 Second Intl. Film Festival that initiated its journey from Islamabad, reached Jamshoro, Hyderabad on 26th February and conducted a festival at CEAD MUET. The festival began with Filmmaking & Photography Workshops for kids that featured the introduction of different camera techniques, controls, and a little about the composition. The kids were handed out equipment required for better understanding of the concepts that were being taught to them. The attendees were then taken for Screening for Kids by Kids where the top films that children from across Pakistan made were screened.

After the jummah break, was the time for Panel Discussion on “Film for Social Change” where the panelists talked about the importance of visual storytelling in reforming a society and using it as a tool to draw attention towards the current societal issues of the country.

Later that evening, Bolo Bhi conducted an Open House on “Digital Security”. The session kicked off with an introduction of what Digital Security means and why it is important. The attendees were taught about the tools one can employ to keep themselves protected online. The seminar also drew attention towards the vulnerabilities when using social media and how to rule them out.

Then the attendees were taken to a separate campus for the Grand Screening where the top 60 second films of young filmmakers from all over the world were screened. Each and every film received immense amount of applaud from the audience. All in all, the festival was a massive success and we enjoyed our stay there. Thank you for the tremendous response.


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