Collaboration with International 100-second Film Festival

60 Second Intl. Film Festival is pleased to announce its collaboration with the International 100-second Film Festival. Just like 60 Second Intl. Film Festival, the International 100-second Film Festival encourages filmmakers to make an impact with their films in just a few seconds. Filmmakers are motivated to convey inspiring messages and are challenged to create films which resonate beyond their original length.

100-second Film Festival brings amazing storytellers together on one platform. Movies in the 100-second Festival are distributed with the help of media and cyberspaces, where they introduce young and talented artists to the art world. The first 100 Second Film Festival was held in 2002. Each year, 500 short films are selected to be screened in the festival from among 2000 films that are sent to the secretariat. Filmmakers from over 60 countries have participated in this festival so far.

This international festival has retained a significant influence in fostering brevity of films in many countries. The festival receives fresh perspectives and new voices every year and traces authentic ways of storytelling. This collaboration is a big step forward for us and we are very eager to learn, teach and inspire more people.

For more updates stay tuned!

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