60 Second Int’l Film Festival (2015-16) – Submissions Open

60 Second Int’l Film Festival is back with a bang. The festival aims to promote young and enthusiastic filmmakers around the world. We at 60 Second Int’l Film Festival are excited to announce that the submissions for 60 Second Int’l Film Festival 2015-16 are now open!
This year we want to invoke the desire of filmmaking in every person around the world who praises this art form. Filmmaking reflects the creativity and authenticity of human mind. A good story can make you dwell in realms of wonder and art. It can preserve the past, present and future in itself and make you look forward to it. Film is not just a single artistic expression; it’s an amalgam of different artistic expressions and is a galaxy of subjects in itself. Filmmaking provides us with an insight into the world of storytelling and makes us acknowledge the diversity of human mind.

60 Second Int’l Film Festival is providing people with a platform where they can showcase their work at a global level and voice their thoughts in the form of a film.

Do you have a story?
Are you a budding filmmaker or do you know one in your social circles?
If yes, then what are you waiting for?
Grab your gear and send us your films, we can’t wait to see what you have for us in store this year!

Unleash your creativity to become a part of this global platform; create a film that leaves an impact in just 60 seconds!

Grab this opportunity and get discovered.
Think. Shoot. Inspire.
Let’s film!

Submit your films here:


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