60 Second Int’l Film Festival & American Film Showcase – Karachi Screening

The city of lights was illuminated with life on Monday evening, at the combined screening of American Film Festival & 60 Second Int’l Film Festival at Royal Rodale. The registrations began at 5:00 PM and the event itself commenced at 6:00 PM with the screening of “Listening is An Act of Love, an amazing animated short, followed by the screening of another short film, “The Science of Character”, a film that explores our abilities.
Thereupon, 10 films of 60 Second Int’l Film Festival were screened & the best filmmakers of 60SIFF were awarded with certificates and shields by Andy Merkin, a filmmaking expert and Martha Mitchell, an American filmmaker & producer. Zahid Gill, the winner of 60 Second Int’l Film Festival was awarded a Macbook.  Afterwards, the last film of the evening, “The Crash Reel”, a carefully constructed & distinctive documentary, was screened. This film was a moving composition; hence it brought the crowd to cheers and tears, quite easily.

The screening got a great response from the attendees as the films had the power to inspire & transform people at the same time. It was followed by a Q & A session by Andy Merkin & Martha Mitchell. Both of the experts were pleased to see so many curious and aspiring filmmakers & encouraged them to pursue their passion.  The session was fueled by the excitement of aspiring filmmakers as they kept asking different questions related to the art of filmmaking and the film experts kept answering them, so the session proved to be a comprehensive source of knowledge.

The festival created a positive environment & the attendees were able to enjoy some amazing films.  Thank you, Karachi, for such a glorious response. We are absolutely overwhelmed by the enthusiasm shown by the attendees. Here are some photographs of the event:

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American Film Showcase holds reputation, far beyond its years. The festival will now visit Pakistan next year as the journey of AFS – 2015 comes to an end.

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