60 Second Int’l Film Festival & American Film Showcase- Lahore Screening

Lahore lit up with wonderful colors of life on Thursday evening, at the combined screening of American Film Festival & 60 Second Int’l Film Festival at National College of Arts Lahore on 28th May, 2015. Registrations for the wonderful evening began at 4:00 PM when people started pouring in. The event itself kick-started with the screening of ‘Listening is An Act of Love’, a wonderful animated short, which celebrates the power of listening, followed by the screening of another short film, ‘The Science of Character’.

Afterwards, 10 films of 60 Second Int’l Film Festival were screened & the best filmmakers of 60SIFF were awarded with certificates and shields by Andy Merkin,  a filmmaking expert, Martha Mitchell, an American filmmaker & producer and Affan Alam, creative director of 60SIFF. This was followed by the screening of the last film of the evening, ‘The Crash of Reel’. The screening created wonderful, special & historic moments for the attendees.

Subsequently a Q & A session by Andy Merkin & Martha Mitchell took place. Both of the filmmaking experts were elated to see so many young people interested in the art of filmmaking, they encouraged them to pursue their passion and do great work. The aspiring filmmakers kept asking different questions with high spirits and the experts kept answering them with equal passion. The session proved to be a great hub of knowledge for the attendees.

The event had the ability to inspire and transform people and proved to be a great destination for art lovers. Thank you Lahore, for a wonderful evening. We are grateful for your compassion and your hospitality.

The fun just doesn’t end there, AFS will be visiting Karachi on 1st June, 2015, so get ready to learn & inspire.

For more details & updates, stay tuned to our Facebook page.

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