American Film Showcase & 60SIFF – Screening

We are still reveling in the glorious response we received for 60 Second Intl. Film Festival – Islamabad Screening. The screening was attended by people from different walks of life and proved to be a humble abode for all the creative minds.  The environment was fueled by the excitement of the attendees and allowed us to extend a huge amount of energy to our audience.

     We were overjoyed by such a heartwarming response; therefore we have a surprise for everyone! We are glad to announce that we are hosting the screening of American Film Showcase (AFS), a major touring film program that brings contemporary American documentaries, feature films and animated shorts to audiences around the world. Each AFS film is enriched with the power of filmmaking and offers a huge insight into this art.  The screening of the following movies will take place at the event:-

  1. Listening is an Act of Love:-
    A beautiful animated feature film that celebrates the power of listening. The film presents six stories from 10 years of the innovative oral history project where people sat down together to have intimate conversations about their lives.
  2. The Science of Character:-
    The Science of Character is an 8 minute collaborative Cloud Film that explores new research on character development and our ability to shape who we are. The film explores fascinating research behind character development & features the science behind how a character can be developed by learning, practicing & cultivating certain abilities.
  3. The Crash Reel:-
    This eye-popping film seamlessly combines twenty years of stunning action footage with new footage and interviews as it follows U.S. champion snowboarder Kevin Pearce and exposes the irresistible but potentially fatal appeal of extreme sports. This brilliant film will entice your senses as it is something that will bring you closer to life. The film has won 22 awards world-wide because it is fascinating and thrilling at the same time.

So folks, get ready for a thrilling evening and appreciate the art of filmmaking by attending the event. We will be screening some of our best films too, so if you missed the Islamabad screening of 60 Second Intl. Film Festival, don’t fret because we have got you covered. See you guys there! For more updates, stay tuned!

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