60 Second Int’l Film Festival – Islamabad Screening

Hello everyone!
We are basking in glory of the exceptional response we received from Islamabad screening of the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival. The festival kick-started with a number of amazing activities which included a setup of stalls by Lettuce Bee Kids, Saaman, 60SIFF, Handwritten with love & Cutputli featuring their products. The stalls received a great response by people who were so delighted that their excitement could be felt in the air.   The workshop on ‘Introduction to Filmmaking’ began at 6:00 PM and went on side by side with an inspiring panel discussion on ‘Filmmaking for Social Change’; the panelists included: Haroon Rashid,  the creator and director of the successful Pakistani animated TV series the Burka Avenger, Nadia Naviwala, former USIP country representative, & Manoj Kumar, who is a 60SIFF category winner and a social activist. The people who attended the workshop and panel discussion showed great enthusiasm  & their excitement is quite evident in these photographs:-

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Cafe 60 served people with culinary delights so they could stay fresh,light and hearty between all the commotion at the festival. Screening of the best 60 second films of the year started at 7:30 PM and attracted a large audience who was also able to view a stupendous performance by TGI Fridays in between the screening. The festival also featured amazing one minute films from One Minute Film Festival (Switzerland). The result of the competition was announced after that & the night concluded with a majestic Qawaali performance at the end of the festival, which completely mesmerized the audience.
60 Second Int’l Film Festival was filled with amazing 60 second films & visionary speakers so an inspirational connection between humans and the art of filmmaking was seen. Our festival was fueled by the spirit and excitement of the attendees and allowed us to extend tremendous energy of our festival to our adventurous audience.
Here are some photographs of the festival:-

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We are absolutely overwhelmed by the enthusiasm shown by our guests! Moreover, we are overjoyed at the enthusiasm our team, campus ambassadors & volunteers have illustrated.  There will be more screenings, so, other cities, gear up! 60SIFF will be visiting you soon!

Stay tuned for more pictures & updates!`

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