60 Second Intl. Film Festival Celebration

60SIFF is a global film festival which allows filmmakers to communicate their thoughts in the form of short 60 second films on a single & powerful platform. The festival features the work of independent filmmakers around the world and gives them a chance to share their feats of creativity with the world. Through 60SIFF we aim to develop a sense of appreciation in people’s minds for filmmaking. Films are incredibly rich and powerful pieces of art that directly impact you and your thought process. Stories are fabricated pieces and are different than reality; films fuse these two strands and mold them together into magnificent pieces of art. 60 Second Intl. Film Festival Celebration is a tribute to these magnificent pieces.
The festivities of the celebration will begin on 2nd May, 2015 with the screening of the best 60 second films we have received this year, along with a panel discussion and a workshop on the art of filmmaking, in Islamabad.  The combination of films and conversations at the festival will inspire & motivate people towards filmmaking. The state-of-the-art filmmaking will leave you breathless and inspired.

The celebration of the film festival will then continue till 4th June, 2015 and the best 60 second films will be screened in different cities and institutes. This celebration finds no parallel in the history of Islamabad as something of this significance has never happened before. Become a part of this celebration by attending the festival and admiring the art of filmmaking.

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