Preparing for 60SIFF-Islamabad Screening

As you guys already know the date & venue for the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival-Islamabad Screening has been announced. The festival will be organized on May 2nd, 2015 at Sir Syed Memorial Society in Islamabad, which will include the screening of the top 60 films that we have received in this round, along with a number of other activities for all of you.

Screening Squared

The festival will kick-start at 5:00 PM with a networking session and an eclectic mix of different stalls including video apps demonstration, letter writing, cultural handicrafts, video competitions and a number of other interesting activities. Following this will be a Panel Discussion on Filmmaking for Social Change; how films can be used as a tool to bring positive change in the society, and how they can inspire your ideas and ignite your insights and creativity.

Filmmaking for Social Change

Simultaneously, there will be a workshop on Introduction to Filmmaking for all those folks who are interested in knowing the basics of filmmaking.

Intro to Filmmaking

The Screening will begin at 7:30 PM, featuring films based on the categories of Comedy, Colors of Your Country, Conflict, Creative, Fiction, Environment, Interfaith, Peace, Tolerance and Water. The screening will take you to a fascinating journey, enabling you to relish and revel in the thought provoking stories.

Here, take a look at the schedule:


Passes are available at various locations. You can get your pass from:

-Hi-Volts (F-8 Markaz)
-Khiva Restaurant (Bahria Town)
-Coffee Planet (F-11 Markaz)
-Gloria Jeans (Kohsar Market, F-6)
-60SIFF Office (H#17-A, St.67, G-6/4)

You can also get the passes from our campus ambassadors in different universities. Details about the campus ambassadors can be seen on our event page. To be able to attend the festival, you would need to get a pass and register at

We invite you to be a part of this unique film festival. Be there to admire the masterpieces of filmmakers. We are excited to have you as our audience.

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