60SIFF-Islamabad Screening announced!

The wait is finally over, folks. The date and venue of the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival-Islamabad Screening is finally here. We have to say that we are more than just a little excited; we are absolutely thrilled. Through the event you will be able to gain insight into an extraordinary world. The festival will be organized on May 2nd, 2015 at Sir Syed Memorial Society in Islamabad.

Screening Squared

Through 60SIFF we aim to inspire people into building legacies, not just moving images. We want to intrigue people with the art of filmmaking. The 60SIFF will include an impressive assortment of brilliant films made by independent filmmakers around the world. The art of filmmaking encompasses all the main domains in the development of our life, this event will be an amazing experience so be there to celebrate the art of filmmaking.

The screening would include the best 60 films of this year; don’t miss a chance on experiencing a completely different world. The films will enable you to develop a new sense of innovation. You will get to understand the concept of life through someone else’s interpretation of actuality. Attend the festival to admire the significant contributions from different filmmakers around the world and indulge yourself in an amazing experience.

The passes of the festival will be available to general public, as it’s something not be missed. People who are always starved for new ideas and visions should definitely be a part of this event. You will be able to get the passes from the designated places in the city, or from our campus ambassadors for universities. The details for both will soon be announced on our Facebook page.

More details regarding the festival will be posted soon.

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