Results are finally here!

Results Cover Photo

We are proud to state that we have received hundreds of films from over 20 countries in the world for 60 Second International Film Festival (60SIFF) 2014-15. The enthusiasm in the filmmakers is a treat to watch and we are pleased to cater to such talent in all age groups.

The films received, went under three phases of shortlisting. First, top 60 films were selected internally and shared with the jury members for further selection. The jury members rated each of the top 60 films according to a set criterion.  Top 3 films and best films from each category were then selected on the basis of points given to each film by the jury.

The film which topped the list is “ONE WON” by a Pakistani filmmaker, Zahid Gill. The film was a masterpiece of animation and creativity which portrayed the life of a small girl going to school and conquering peace over terrorism through education.


The film for the 2nd position award is “GRAPHENE”, by a filmmaker from Nepal, Shankar Dhital. Graphene is a powerful depiction of schoolkids whose minds are impacted by war and terrorism which results in their choosing artillery prototypes as the most powerful weapon when asked by their teacher. One of the kids, however, comes in front of the class with his arms wide open.


The 3rd winning film is “TO SEE” by a filmmaker, Asia Khmeleva, from Ukraine. The film realistically shows two people with conflicting perspectives on looking at the world. One is completely immersed in a rigid system while the other attempts to make her perceive the world with a broader outlook.


60SIFF is proud to announce the results and congratulate the top 3 winners for working hard and gaining international recognition via our platform. This is not all; apart from the top 3 films, we have also selected best films in each category.  The results are up on our website.

Results HD

We have a series of 60SIFF screenings lined up for you all from 23rd of April to 16th of May 2015. A curtain raiser on 23rd of April in Karachi will commence the festival, to be followed by the grand 60 Second Intl Film Festival in Islamabad on 2nd May 2015. The grand festival will include screening of the top 60 films, filmmaking workshops for adults and kids, and many other interactive activities. We will also be visiting different universities, schools and colleges for screening before hitting Karachi for the second grand festival on 16th May 2015.

60SIFF welcomes you all to the only film festival of its kind in Pakistan. It will be an honour to have you as our audience. Join us in watching the amazing films made by astounding filmmakers from all over the world. We will keep you updated about our international screenings.

To watch the winner films, log on to our website and stay tuned to our social media platforms.

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