Everything you need to know about screenings happening now!

Hello Filmmakers!

We are basking in glory as we are holding the golden ticket with the names of the selected filmmakers for screenings. Your stellar performance had us gasping through screenings as we selected the top 50 films. Scratching your head and seeing whether you made the cut, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did you follow the narrative?
  2. Was your film 60 seconds?
  3. Is your idea catchy?

We know the suspense is killing you, as we are beaming and want to yell it to the world, but patience is a virtue and soon we will reveal the results! We are captivated by the films you have sent and amazed at how quickly the deadline for submission has crept up.

It has been a long road that we have traveled and we thank you for supporting us throughout our journey to support youth empowerment through film. Stay tuned for our posts on Facebook, Twitter and blog to see if you have made the list! Please, contact our team for any questions.

Kind Regards,

60SIFF Team

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