60SIFF2014 Screenings at Comsats University, Lahore University and Punjab University

Universities collage

Wow! what an uplifting and exciting screening! Thank you for arranging a screening with our @60SIFF team!  We loved that your students were so enthused by our screening!

We hope that you all will submit your films as you all showed a great deal of interest in our festival! Remember the deadline is December 31st 2014! You can pick any category or combine categories if it suits you. Keep in mind! You do not need a fancy camera to record a film; you can use a basic smart phone camera and record your film! If you’re artistic and would like to make a film out of your drawings that can also be done!

We have really great opportunities for growth with our sponsors for the finalists such as internships, scholarships that are rewarded according to the category the finalist has won.

For example: A filmmaker won in the environmental category will be rewarded with internships by our sponsors!

1st Prize – MacBook Pro,

2nd Prize – DSLR Camera

3rd Prize – IPAD

The two ways of submission is either submitting your film to submit@60siff.com or upload your film through WeTransfer. Please remember, to fill out the submission form to it’s entirety and attach your film. Here is the link: http://www.60siff.com/submission-form/

Please, let us know if you have any questions regarding submitting films for our @60SIFF2014 festival. Films for #Peace, #Love and #Respect

Films are the future! We can’t wait to receive your films!  Please, visit our Facebookpage 60secondinternationalfilmfestival and follow us on twitter to get latest updates on our screenings @60SIFF

60SIFF Team  

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