Screening at Swat Public School and Youth Development Institute

Last weekend, our team had the pleasure of carrying out one-day screening/workshop at Swat Public School (SPS) and Youth Development Institute (YDI), respectively. These short & lively screenings facilitated by  both the institutes was attended by over 70 participants including students and professionals from across Swat region.

Students reading the 60SIFF newsletter at SPS

Most of the participants did not have their mobiles/camera’s, so the hands-on session was not as fruitful as was we wanted it to be and we ended up lecturing more and demonstrating less.

Our representative introducing the 60SIFF to the students at SPS

The workshop was divided into two halves. In the first half, the 60SIFF team, in their highly engaging signature style, introduced participants to the 60SIFF initiative, its purpose & beneficiaries. And in the second half, moved on to screening some of the best films from previous festivals.

Explaining the 60SIFF at YDI

The turn around of the event was quite amazing as students, teenagers and professionals showed their keen interest and asked many interesting and engaging questions from our team. Some of the participants also thanked us for conducting the workshop and invited us to conduct similar workshops in future.

Female participants at YDI asking questions from the our team
A participant thanking YDI and the 60SIFF team for arranging the event

This highly productive day was later called off after the distribution of certificates among the participants on the successful completion of training courses at YDI.

Our representative giving away certificate to a student on completing his course at YDI

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