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help donate cover photoWhy should you participate or donate to our campaign?

Over the decades we’ve seen a series of violence, discrimination, harassment and ill-treatment, faced by people. These issues can be brought to light through the right medium. The problem lies in where the youth have little sense of what they are capable of and how they can stand to their own cause and speak out to the world of the challenges we all face. 60SIFF provides an appropriate outlet to the youth to gather their thoughts and express them through film. 60 Second Intl Film Festival is a screening we present to and for the youth of the world. Our aim is to provide a platform that brings revolutionary change to put an end to the problems around us and bring light to social positivity. While this has always been easier said than done, we rather believe in observation, listening to the voices of those who have been blocked away in fear and lack of knowledge due to degradation and non motivation.

How can 60SIFF help achieve this goal?

We unleash the time frame and platform for such stories to be told for the world to visualize and understand the issues which exist around us. Workshops, screenings and on ground activities are some ways we achieve that. Giving the opportunity of gatherings in forms of festivals, conferences, meetings and competitions regarding film creation to depict the issues in sixty seconds in a visual context is our work.

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Who can take part in seeking it done?

What helps to attain getting it done is via the donations that anyone can give by participating in our work. Your every contribution counts, whether that is a click “like” on Facebook, following us on Twitter or our blog. We need every bit of support for the cause of betterment through your time spreading the voices and words across the world. You can help us achieve our goal of bringing the youth together, turning them into stronger, motivated selves simply by picking up their camera, telling us about your story, their experiences and their environment, because at the end we want the world to be able see it all and listen to the words that they never have heard.

How can you help us?

Simply check out our campaign on indiegogo and donate as much as you can! All you’ll need is a credit card for an online contribution and if you want you can pick from a number of perks.

merchandise We thank all those who have donated!

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