A Review of the 60 Second Intl Film Festival in Nepal!

60 Second International Film Festival, a short movie extravaganza event, was
hosted in Nepal on the 15th of June, 2014, at the very heart of Cine de’ Chef, Sundhara.

The event, which is guaranteed to explore the theatrical horizons, featured the VIPDSC_2713
screening of 36 movies (each being 60 seconds long) of diverse
dialect and genres. The 36 movies were nominated after a thorough selection and review of 400 applicant movies. The event was also broadcasted live over the internet so we could share it with our friends outside of Nepal.

We organized the event in partnership with Open Space Nepal who did pic 2a remarkable job in making the Festival a great success. The event witnessed the presence of many remarkable personalities which includes Ambassadors, Diplomats, Bureaucrats, Politicians, Educationalists, Celebrities, Industrialists, Civil Society Leaders and Policy Makers.

pic 4

The event was started with a musical performance which followed the main
screening of short films, including two short films from Nepali filmmakers themselves. The films received awards for their contribution to the Festival. We also arranged a short networking session with important persons from pic 5different fields to increase familiarity between 6oSIFF and everyone else.

The second screening took place at the QFX Kumari, in Kamalpokhari on 16th of June, 2014, which also saw a great turn out in support of the 60SIFF cause.

By hosting this Festival in Nepal, we hope to grasp the attention of movie enthusiasts around the world and especially gauge out those that are in Nepal. Our continuous efforts are to engage upcoming artists/producers from all around the globe to exhibit their work on various socially driven issues.

pic 1

We want to provide a platform for the global youth to display their work by capturing the challenges of their societies. The focus addresses critical social issues on all levels: covering education, civic sense, health, art, water, gender, extremism, entertainment, and current affairs. Developing local talent from the creative class through collaborative approaches is the main agenda of the festival.

The festival hopes to ensure a well-nourished pool of confident filmmakers who will shape their creative visions into life with the audio-visual art of film making.

pic 3

Partners of 60 Seconds International| Nepal Screening

  1. Open Space Nepal : Organizer
  2. Morango Films and Duck: In Partnership With
  3. King’s College: Powered By
  4. Hotel Annapurna: Hospitality Partner
  5.  Vayodha Hospital : Supported By
  6. Six Sigma: Supported By
  7. Ad-link: Strategic Partner
  8. Cine-De-Chef: VIP Screening Venue Partner
  9. QFX Kumari: Special Screening Venue Partner
  10. Microsoft Innovation Centre: Live Broadcasting Partner
  11. Folio Magazine: Magazine Partner
  12. Thuloparda.com and GlocalKhabar: Online Media Partner
  13. Emdee Photography: Photography Partner

Open Space Nepal 60SIFF Logo


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