Kathmandu Screening!

kathmandu screeningWelcome, Nepali’s, to the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival 2013-14 in Kathmandu, Nepal!

Following fun and fruitful screenings in Pakistan, Algeria and Washington DC, we will now be hosting the 60 Second Intl Film Festival at the Cine – De – Chef at Sundhara in Kathmandu on 15th June 2014! We invite all those who will be there in Kathmandu to come and watch, and be part of the 60SIFF cause. We will screen the best films that were received during this year’s Festival that include all from comedy films to motivational and inspirational films. Whatever the genre, the participants have done a great job in getting their message across in the limited time frame of 60 seconds!

60SIFF’s expansion and subsequent participation from many countries including Nepal, one of our most important participating countries, is symbolic of a growing global peace movement. Always speak your mind and stand your ground for your beliefs and always remember that film is your doorway to the world.

Here’s a short message from our Festival Director, Abrar Ul Hassan, to all those who will be attending the Festival screening in Kathmandu,

“We have had a very encouraging response with over 20 films, and I hope to see more next year! Through 60SIFF, we try to empower you, the youth, to take charge of yAbrar profile picour surroundings and be the change you want to see. And at this moment, each one of us is one step closer to achieving this goal. Here’s to a better tomorrow, to love, peace and respect. Here’s to another round of the 60 Second Intl Film Festival!”


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