The 60siff Chronicle [January-March 2014]

Greetings fellow filmmakers! We have come a long way and are almost at the end of our 60siff journey. However, it’s time to take a look back at where we’ve come from and where we’re headed off to with our 60 Second Intl Film Festival.



– We have received submissions from over 20 different countries

– Our collaboration with American Film Showcase this year was an effort to pay tribute to the film industry and emerging filmmakers of Pakistan.

– 60siff winners will get the chance to intern at WWF under the category of environment and water

– We will be hosting the Festival domestically as well as internationally in a few countries so be on the lookout for future screenings!

Submissions from All Over

The 60 Second Film Festival went International this year with more than 400 film submissions from over 20 countries. We have come a long way since we started our festival and at the pace we’ve taken we feel that we’ll get our message across to the global world very soon: creating films with great impact in the matter of 60 seconds.

And in coming years, we hope our Festival continues at this pace, engaging hundreds from all over the world and more importantly keeping everyone engrossed in the phenomenon that is the 60 Second Intl Film Festival!

Jury’s Picks

This year’s jury consisted of a very experienced 10 man force with noted filmmakers from around the world with the likes ofJörg Gruber from Germany, Abdenour Zahzah and Abdenour Hochiche from Algeria, S. Ashraf Meer from USA, and Hassan Zaidi, Laiq Qureshi, Jamal Shah, Amena Khan, Sohail Javed, and Mehreen Jabbar from our very own Pakistan.

Our panel, dedicated to the message of the 60 Second Intl Film Festival, selected films on the basis of technique, style, script and most importantly, the impact they created in the limited time they had.

This year’s three best films were:

First place, I Want My World As I See by Hashim Hamoud Hashim from Yemen

Second place, Webbed by Nick 1795571_600208836722821_3646060_nRowell & Gabriel Farnese from England

Third place, Pyasa Kawa by Zahid Gill from Pakistan

The best films selected from our ten given categories were

Colors of EU by Peter Vadcoz from Hungary under the category Colors of my Country

Love at First Sight by Mubeen ul Haq from Pakistan under the category Comedy

Vicious Circly by Mujtaba Pervez from Pakistan under the category Conflict

Cracks by Alex Pachon from Spain under the category Creative

Jamhori Tamasha by Jawad Kazmi from Pakistan under the category Democracy

Battle Story by Nazim Tarkemane from Algeria under the category Environment

Rose by Hind Laabas from Algeria under the category Fiction

Identity of Life by Nauman Rana from Pakistan under the category Interfaith

In Search of Peace by Uzma Firdous fromPakistan under the category Peace

Random Acts of Kindness by Omer Qureshi from Pakistan under the category Tolerance

Water Resistance by Kemal Cherhour from Algeria under the category Water

Public’s Choice

Apart from the films picked by the jury, we also gave the public the choice of reaching out and voting for their favorite films, for which we got a great response with the three top voted films as follows

In first place, Time and Water by Robina Ghafoor from Lahore, Pakistan

In second place, Change Your Mindset by Kashmala Khan/Ahsen Ejaz from Rawalpindi Pakistan

In third place, Stop Littering by Ahsan Ejaz from Rawalpindi Pakistan

Each film had its own unique story to tell and spoke wonders for the amount of talent our youth possesses; and it’s overwhelming to see today’s youth break free and speak their mind, or rather, film it. And we enjoyed watching every film.

Ensuring a Spam-Free Festival

Our festival takes pride in its transparency and this year we ensured, like before, that our results are absolutely clean from any sort of spam. Our team carefully installed an in-built spam recognizer in our website and we not only upheld the sanctity of 60 Second Intl Film Festival, but also made it a point not to entertain any spammers.

We, at 60siff, believe in bringing the best experience to our participants and so take the measures which we hope will add to the sanctity of our initiative.

60siff Curtain Raiser in Collaboration with American Film Showcase


On 8th March in Islamabad, and on 12th March in Karachi, we hosted our Curtain Raiser in collaboration with the American Film Showcase.

The American Film Showcase in an esteemed touring film program that features American documentaries, feature films and animated shorts in various countries worldwide. Their showcase inPakistan was hosted in collaboration with the 60 Second International Film Festival, Hunerkada and the US Embassy.

We successfully managed to give an enticing preview of the Festival with the screening of ten interesting films and indulged the audience in some great film festivity.

The American Film Showcase (AFS) partnered with us on this event and two world renowned documentary makers, Ted Braun and Marylin Agrelo joined us in celebrating the power of film with a very encouraging positive response. “I was enthralled at experiencing the richness and diversity of this country. Its openness to engage itself with others is amazing, I wasn’t expecting that,” said Ted. Marilyn Agrelo also appreciated Pakistan’s diversity as well and said “There are so many different cultures here. I would love to see films on the tribal areas and mysterious things that the West doesn’t really know about. And I think the people who need to make them are Pakistanis.”

We watched the documentary ‘Side by Side’ by Christopher Kenneally, which was a window into the journey of film through time and space.

Ted and Marylin concluded their journey on a memorable note. Ted Braun, impressed by the enthusiasm of young emerging filmmakers stated that “One of the things that we’re looking forward to is engaging in discussion with emerging Pakistani film-makers on what social change might just mean to Pakistanis, because in addition to the political and social issues, films can engage people on social change on a very basic, human level.”

Our request to you is to keep up the film initiative and hope that just like Ted and Marylin have seen, the world sees the artistic side of Pakistani Film and understands our essence.

All of this brings us to ourselves and what all we can accomplish in the field of film if we use technology intelligently. ‘All it can take is something as simple as a phone and you could end up with a powerful film’, asserted Ted Braun. And it’s true really, that film doesn’t have to be clad in technology and skill, what’s most important is to get your message across in a simple way.

60 Second Intl Film Festival Screening


As promised, we will bring to life the 60 Second Intl Film Festival, in conclusion of this year’s Festival and we have already planned the screening to take place in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. We’ll host the Festival to celebrate the success of this year’s winners and delve into the magic of film in appreciation of this year’s participants while giving everyone else the opportunity to see what each film has to offer.

What’s more, is that we are planning on hosting our Festival in certain countries abroad, and you might find yourself attending the 60 Second Intl Film Festival in your home town. Last year we took hosting our Festival in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and USA, amongst others and hope to do so again this year with emphasis on the countries whose filmmakers participated most enthusiastically this year.

Message from the 60siff Team!

Our team works dedicatedly to make this Festival a one-off experience and has worked tirelessly throughout the Festival to keep you updated, entertained and motivated!

“Focus, be concise, and master the art of telling your story in the shortest span of time” – Abrar ul Hasan, Festival Director

“People don’t have that much time anymore, so tell your story, but tell it short” – Madeeha Raza

“Use your time and make it matter” – Hira Fatima

Catch the 60 Second Films on our Website


If you’ve missed out on the Festival or if you want to look back at this year’s submissions, you can catch the films at or find them on but do give them a watch, because some of them are truly amazing films with inspirational messages.

Hashtagging Along The Way

For news, updates, and all past informatioon on our Festival, be wary of the following hashtags. And where you feel you need to connect with us, hashtag away!

#60SIFF #Film #Peace #Love #Respect #FilmForSocialChange

Keep Your Eye Out for Next Year’s Festival

Stay in touch with our website, facebook page, twitter, Instagram, and blog for regular updates on all activities, and especially so you don’t miss out on the announcement of the next terms 60 Second Intl Film Festival which will be announced very soon!

Until then, gather your thoughts, collect your ideas, and work on your film strategy because Submissions will open soon leaving you in the race for the best film in the 60 Second Intl Film Festival 2014-15.

Keep your eye out for our next quarterly newsletter where we’ll announce the opening for submissions. Good luck and a good day to you all!

60 Second Intl Film Festival will be screening in KARACHI on 19th April 2014! Get your passes now!


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