Welcome to the 60 Second Intl Film Festival 2013-14!

On 8th March, 2014, we witnessed an outstanding Curtain Raiser of the 60 Second Intl Film Festival take place in Islamabad. With a house full, our audience enjoying some of the most mind blowing films made in the most revolutionary and creative format of a 60 seconds video. While that was just a glimpse of the creative treasure we have collected from around the world, what’s coming next is much bigger. Receiving more than 400 films from more than 30 countries, this movement has reached epic heights and finally the time has come to release the best work we’ve received to the world and let people experience the true scale of talent and creativity in filmmaking today far from commercial limelight.

5th April, 2014 is the day we will screen 60 top films of the 60 second film festival at Sir Syed Memorial, Islamabad. This is the chance for people to experience something unique and much larger than merely a single cinematic movie of 90 minutes. With themes of social awareness and topics that affect the world today, this festival has given an opportunity to young filmmakers to express their thoughts and opinions in 60 seconds and the way they have epitomized their take on the issues is definitely extraordinary.

As the world goes through new challenges and issues that escalate the significance of media and voice, film festivals such as ours can create a huge difference in setting a new platform of expression and creativity. We are all aware of the fact that such platforms and events do not come to prominence very often but here we are now showcasing the work of many filmmakers which will not only be thought provoking for the audience but a source of remarkable entertainment.

On 5th April, 2014, people’s expression of the world will take the most artistic and entertaining form. This is not something to be missed from anyone who appreciates art or entertainment.


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