A Walk Through the Curtain Raiser at PNCA in Islamabad

The 60 Second Film Festival hosted our curtain raiser on 8th March 2014 at PNCA; a preview of the festival that is to come!

Our journey to empower media started off on a national level festival where we managed to inspire many young filmmakers to take part in the festival, but our festival has taken an amazing turn to include the international community. Film is definitely an avenue to be explored with immense potential for influencing others in a positive way.


We kick started the show with a 60 Second introduction because of course, “In keeping with the festival, I’m gonna keep my intro short. I’ll only take 60 seconds of your time!” says Abrar ul Hassan our festival director. And so we began the show with screenings of the 10 best films from each category as selected by the jury. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you probably should. All the videos are uploaded on our website and this will give you great perspective on what sort of films take the lead and well hopefully inspire you to do even better next year. edited abrar “In keeping with the festival, I’m gonna keep my intro short. I’ll only take 60 seconds of your time!” says Abrar ul Hassan our festival director.

To our satisfaction we had a great turnout. It’s amazing to see so many people take interest in the 60siff initiative and our team really appreciates it; mostly because we feel after a long time, film in Pakistan is being given due respect and has become more than just entertainment. This youth believes in the power of film to change lives, and that is what we stand here for today.


The screening of 60 second films was followed by a screening of the documentary “Side by Side” as selected by the Amercan Film Showcase (AFS) who felt that this documentary suffices in taking the layman through the history of the film industry. And we know for sure that our audience took much from it since this documentary followed a very interesting Question & Answer session with acclaimed documentary makers, Ted Braun and Marylin Agrelo who came all the way from America to impart on others, their knowledge of film. It was an open Q&A session which included some very fascinating questions about the future of the industry, filmmaking techniques, the important points when designing a film; whereas some contemplated on whether it could have been this very technology used to frame the ‘landing on the moon’ – the answer to which was sadly no. Either way it was quite an interesting evening so long as you share the exquisite taste of film.
IMG_1846 This year our journey has been supported by the American Film Showcase (AFS) and the US-Embassy as well which is the reason why we have been able to bring Ted Braun and Marylin Agrelo to the curtain raiser. It is simply our love for film that has brought us this far and the support we’re gaining from everyone that truly entails our happiness in being able to transfer our love of film to many others and create in 60siff a home for young aspiring filmmakers. 

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