Results Are Almost In!

voting closed 1

Setting out into the next phase of our festival, there are still several things that are yet undone.

We have lots of results and we can’t wait to share them with you. The winners of the three top most voted films and the winners of the three best films selected by the jury will be announced on the 25th of February 2014 and the films themselves will be paid homage to in festivals that will be held not only in the three main cities of Pakistan but also in other countries so those of you who aren’t from Pakistan may also get the chance to come to the screening. Domestic screenings will begin in the last week of March and continue on till the 10th of April after which we will raise our flag internationally!

Expect invites shortly. We will be dispatching invitations very soon and hopefully will see you at the event for it is going to be truly memorable.

We hope this journey has been amazing for all of you as it has been for us. Your films were phenomenal and have been appreciated by many. And with so many great films, one really can’t decipher who’s going to take away the prizes. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the 25th!

It’s amazing to see so much potential in these films. The vibrancy of thought and culture in these films exhibits the international nature of the festival which could not have been possible without you guys! The ideas and even more, the execution itself is really spot on for some and we hope your skills manifest themselves in great ways.

voting closes 2

Stay in touch with our facebook, website, and wordpress to recieve regular updates!

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