How to Vote


The competition is at its peak and as the tension builds, we hold our breath in anticipation.This year 60SIFF has received over four hundred film submissions from over 30 countries out of which all films relevant to their categories have been uploaded. And while we appreciate your participation and your enthusiam, we also know that we could not have made it without your love and support. Each of these films are special in their own way and have their own story to tell. There is no question as to the amount of talent you all possess but the sad yet wholesome truth is that there can by only three winners. As the jury has been announced and the films ulpoaded, we all can’t help but wonder, who is going to win this years best film.1477572_547623345314704_2014135464_n

The films will be reviewed by the jury who will decide the best three films amongst them all. Just to be clear, the jury will watch the films from all the categories and then pick the three they think are best from the collective pool of films irrespective of category. So you could potentially have two winners from the same category or even three! Or maybe just have winners from different categories. The films which hold the strongest message, cinematogrpahy, and show most skill will be set aside and graded as first, second and third.

And for all your efforts, great prizes await. The prizes in store are a macbook pro, a DSLR camera and an iPAD for first, second and third respectively.

Though its true that the jury will decide the winners who will recieve the prizes, don’t underestimate the power of the vote. Awards will also be given for the films that have recieved the most public acclaim.



Log on to Here you can view all film submissions and pick your favorite ones! Enter your e-mail address and your name; get your voting code; enter in the required space. You have officially casted your vote.

You are eligible to vote once for each film. Voting will initiate from the 1st of February and will continue on till the 15th of February. So get all your contacts together; family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, (friends of friends?) and get ready to vote!

Simply follow these steps and you’re good to go!

Step1 Step2 Step3In case of any confusion with the voting process or errors in voting, e-mail at


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