The American Film Showcase is on its way to Pakistan!

The American Film Showcase is a major touring film program bringing American documentaries, feature films and animated shorts to audiences worldwide and this year in March 2014 they’re going to be in Pakistan!

AFSThe team will consist of a filmmaker, a film expert and SCA staff member who will screen films as well as participate in a wide range of community and professional activities, includinga workshop on  ‘The Art of Cinematic Storytelling’  which will focus on all areas of production, writing, animation, and even distribution and independent financing. This year’s program will be conducted from the 6th – 13th of March 2014 in Islamabad and Karachi and feature a special screening of the film “Side by Side”. It will also include a small number of narrative feature films as well as animated narrative shorts and documentary shorts.

With the revival of the film industry in play, it is essential for all aspiring filmmakers to make the most of such optimal circumstances. You have the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry.

You will get the chance to meet some critically acclaimed filmmalers like Ted Braun and Marilyn Agrelo. Writer-director of the NAACP Image Award for best documentary of 2007 Darfur Now, Ted Braun emerged as one of the top 25 filmmakers whose work have changed the world. At the moment he is working as part of the faculty at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts where he is an Associate Professor in Screenwriting and recipient of the University’s illustrious Phi Kappa Phi faculty recognition award. He regularly lectures, conducts seminars, and serves as a consultant throughout Europe and the US. His students have won or been nominated for some of the most prestigious cinema and television prizes: Academy Awards, the Palme d’Or, Emmys, Sundance Festival Awards, and European Media Prizes.

Mad Hot Ballroom was Marilyn Agrelo’s directorial debut. The film enjoyed a theatrical run of over 24 weeks and took its place among the top 10 highest-grossing documentary films of all time. Agrelo has directed and produced commercials, dramatic shorts, documentary short films, corporate and fund-raising films, and continues work on a web-based fashion and beauty series.  Marilyn continues her research and filming on a very personal project entitled US AND THEM; a documentary featuring her divided family and their contrasting truths and points of view.

This Showcase will provide ample exposure towards the American viewpoint on social issues as presented in the films, gain an understanding of the role of filmmaking as a major catalyst for dialogue and for exploration, and in turn allow American filmmakers to learn about the life and culture that is unique to our country.

To participate submit the following to

  • A digital photograph
  • CV
  • A one minute video on why you should be selected (upload to vimeo and provide the link)
  • Specimen of your work (provide links if possible)
  • A one page treatment for a short film to be discussed in the workshop. You will be required to produce a short film of 5-15 minutes after the workshop

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