The Winners of “60 Second Film Festival 2012”

IMG_874860 Second Film Festival that was launched back in October 2012, wrapped up on the 31st of January 2013. From submission of films, to public voting, and finally the judges’ decisions, it has been exciting four months of work for the festival team and anxious wait for the participants.

Morango Films launched the festival for showcasing 60-second short-films based on social, developmental, entertainment and public service messages. The festival was intended to be a platform for upcoming artists and film directors from Pakistan, encouraging their talent and creating positive learning experiences. Participant Furqan Shahid said about the festival“I believe that 60 Second Film Festival is a pioneer festival, one of its kind; providing a great opportunity to young minds of Pakistan. Festivals like this promote positive values, enable young generation to inspire great ideas, promote creativity and culture. In short it makes us feel. “It’s not a film industry, it’s an institution where we learn how to influence the minds of people in a positive way. “I personally feel that this festival must be organized every year, challenges should be given, and they will be accepted.”

The submissions were closed to the public in November 2012, whereas the voting was closed in December 2012. Audience could vote by using the ‘Vote Now’ facebook app or SMS the short-code of their selected entry. The short-films were handed over to the judges for deliberations and ranking.IMG_8743

For this purpose, the likes of Amena Khan, Amin Matalqa, Mehreen Jabbar and Sohail Javed were brought on board for final judging. With all four individuals excelling in their own right, the judges were given a month to review films in detail and list their choices of top short-films. “I felt like I went on a journey through Pakistan’s social issues. Great stuff!” Jordanian Filmmaker Amin Matalqa had to say about the submissio

The festival was indeed a great opportunity for all aspiring filmmakers to work on their skills, and seize the chance to make their mark. Not only that, the rewards offered were great motivators – these included a MacBook Pro, DSLR, iPad, scholarships and internship opportunities at duck, Morango Films, and ARY Musik.

Now that the 60 second film festival is out of its inaugural stages, the festival team is hoping that it will be on an even bigger scale next year. The screening of films will be done in major cities in February 2013.


The team behind the idea of 60SFF included Morango Films, who partnered with Duck, Mishal Pakistan, Agahi Foundation, IdeaSimple, Collective Circle, Impassion Media, Inevento, Scientific Media Solution and Ultra Spectra with ARY Musik as media partners to air the content via satellite.

MorangoFilms over the years has been engaged with dynamic organizations, including media enterprises and development organizations designing communication strategies and solutions for them, for better understanding and creating synergies between different entities. The organization is composed of some highly qualified directors and designers, who specialize in documentaries, music videos, ad films and print features assisting organizations across the globe. It has offices in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.




Tolerance by Ali Raza
The Loop by Mahad Ali Sajid
Follow Your Dreams by Shahmir Ahsanullah


Education by Adnan Nawaz
Tolerance by Ali Raza
The Loop by Mahad Ali Sajid


Tolerance by Ali Raza
The Loop by Mahad Ali Sajid
Broken by Usama Nasir


Broken by Usama Nasir
Diya Jalay Rakhna by Taha Kirmani
Bitter Truth by Mahi Khan Khushik
We are not Terrorists by Sanwal Chishti

Resilience of Intolerance by Muhammad Zeeshan
Tolerance by Ali Raza

Counter Terrorism
Collateral Damage by Mohammad Ali

Personality Conflicts by Shahzad Rashdi
A Pencil by Zaid bin Javed

Think by Adnan Nawaz

Poor Man’s Gold by Dawood Tareen
Thirst by Jawad Zeb/Bilal Farooq/Ajab Mohmand

Biodiversity by Uzma Firdaus

Poverty & Health
Untitled by Maham Kamran
Poverty by Adnan Nawaz

Architects of the Future by Adeena Shahid
Education by Adnan Nawaz

Gender Disparity
Village Woman’s Life by Rubina Kakar

The Street Baithak by Syed Ismail Jawed

HIV by Zahoor Asmat

Follow Your Dreams by Shahmir Ahsanullah

The Loop by Mahad Ali Sajid

I Fear by Mubeen ul Haq/Sara Mazhar/Farzan Akmal
Quaid Ki Kahani Ek Note Ki Zubani by Sarah Asad


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