Morango Films in partnership with Duck on its initiative “60 Second Film Festival”

Morango Films has been engaged with some of the most dynamic organizations, including media enterprises and global development agencies helping them develop their communication strategies and solutions for better understanding and creating synergies between different entities. Morango Films has undertaken the task to build the capacity of youth and general public by creating a learning platform for them in form of ’60 Second Film Festival’.

For this event, Morango Films has partnered with Duck, a design house/creative agency. Over the years, Duck has provided design services to multiple organizations. Duck is also actively engaged with a couple of Social Development ventures as Creative Partners. As exclusive partners for ’60 Second Film Festival’, Duck will be managing the designing – print and digital – for this initiative. In addition to these, Duck will also be looking after the Social Media for ’60 Second Film Festival’.

Duck envisions ’60 Second Film Festival’ as a first of its kind forum in Pakistan, and is optimistic that this initiative could have a global identity and positioning in the not-so-distant-future.

’60 Second Film Festival’ aims to improve the understanding of the youth towards the deep-rooted issues, giving the next generation a forum where they can build on their confidence and to create positive learning experiences and to support social change.

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