60 Second Film Festival

Here you go, its about time when you start making your own short film, and submit it to 60SecondFilmFestival.

Here you go, its about time when you start making your own short film, and submit it to 60SecondFilmFestival.


Starts from 1st August 2012


September 30th, 2012 

The festival, is for both the amateur and immature; the talented and the unfortunate; the virtuoso and the accidental artist. Anyone can submit a 60 second film!


Email your films to: submit@60secondfilmfestival.org

Anyone is free and encouraged to enter up to as many he wants to submit at 60 Second Film Festival. A panel of trusted advisors will jury all films submitted. Films will be sorted into ten categories determined at the time of selection. On the night of the festival, prizes are awarded to the best films in each category.

A panel of local celebrity judges and audience reaction determines winning films.

Submission guidelines:

• All submissions must be around 60 seconds in length

• Participants are encouraged to create films on alternative movie-making technologies (cell phones, digital cameras with a movie function).

• Each participant may submit up to six films for consideration

• Films should be titled and credits supplied in the email

• Films are encouraged to include a sound component


DO NOT include a title/credit page in your film. You should submit only raw footage.

Email film submissions to submit@60secondfilmfestival.org Include ONE film per email (i.e: if you have multiple submissions, send a separate email for each). The subject line of the email should be the film’s title. Please include the following information in your email:

• Filmmaker’s name(s):

• Filmmaker’s current. city of residence:

• Title of film:

• I heard about the film festival through:

• I made this movie using:

Filmmakers will be notified of acceptance by 30th September. Accepted films will be screened in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Looking forward to see some great stuff from some great observers…


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